Word Genius


Tired of looking for the right words? Struggling to explain your value? Think you would make more money if people really understood what your organization actually does? You’ll never be stumped again! This is all about the best words and how to use them.


Welcome to the ultimate resource guide for Marketers, Advertiser and Entrepreneurs. It’s filled with…

*Money Making Methods for Branding, Advertising, Selling, and Marketing
*Specific Ways to Create Winning Names, Slogans, Tag Lines, Titles, and Subtitles
*Attention Getting Subject Lines, Headlines, Website Names, Social Media Posts, Memes and Monikers
*Proven Formulas to Create Elevator Speeches, Presentation Pitches and Sales Tools
*1000+ Marketing Verbs and their Synonyms
*1000+ Copy Writing Action Invitations
*331 Marketing Adjectives and their Synonyms

You don’t even have to read the whole book through to get instant value. Most of the book is compiled of stand alone sections and chapters designed to give you fast and easy answers to your word searches. It’s Word Genius!




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