Launch! How To Take Your Business To New Heights


Told in Jen’s signature down-to-earth, no-frills style, Launch! is full of tried-and-tested advice on systems, structures, implementation, and goal setting. Whether you’re a seasoned professional or just getting into the business, Jen’s expert knowledge will help you reach new heights that you haven’t imagined before now. Stop waiting and talking about your future success. The time is now for you to launch!

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For over 30 years, Jen Du Plessis has been at the top of the mortgage lending industry. She has been named in the Top 200 Loan Originators in the U.S. over 5 times, and is also the Founder and CEO of The Kirney Group, Inc., a commercial lending firm and Black Fox Investments, LLC, a real estate management company. Now she’s ready to share her tools, advice, strategies, and inspiration to spark growth in your practice and help you excel.


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